OOOM invites visionaries, pioneers, and celebrities to share their thoughts on our world with us. This time: Monica Bellucci, actress.

About the energy that fills the ocean during tides…

As a mother I have become more aware of how important and urgent it is that we treat our environment with prudence and respect, because it nurtures us and provides us the foundation for life. In every relationship respect should be a top priority, and so it should be for our precious planet.

As parents, our goal should be to start teaching our children at a young age that every one of us can make valuable contributions to a more sustainable and livable world that can and will improve our society.

We have not only to alter our own behaviors and attitudes, we must teach our children about climate change, what carbon dioxide emissions are, how each one of us influences our environment, and how we all can contribute to a more sustainable world. I believe that there is an energy existing, one that fills the oceans during tides, one that unites nature and humans. If every individual would tap into this natural energy we could go a long way to insuring the sustainability of our planet for future generations.

We all must face up to the challenges of a sustainable life. People everywhere need to be informed about how, in simple, understandable ways, each and everyone can make a contribution on a daily basis to help insure that our planet and the energy it provides us with will be preserved.

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