We think like journalists; therefore, we understand their needs.

OOOM’s professionals have decades of experience in leading positions in major media corporations and the communications industry. Therefore, we are well aware of the interests, goals, and needs of both companies and media. With this journalistic understanding, we are able to create viable public relations concepts for our clients and measurably contribute to the success of your company, organization, or institution.

It is our goal to present your brand, services, products, and developments to the public at large. We create a platform for your messages and show you how to present your company, products, and positions in order to achieve your goals. Our services include traditional PR and media relations, as well as precise, efficient implementation of all communication measures. Should a crisis occur, we can help you manage it quickly and efficiently.

Communication with your stakeholders—associates, suppliers, or institutions—is part of our professional service. We fully understand the concerns of stakeholders, because we speak their language.

Changes in processes, such as the direction of sustainable development, require precise internal communications. In this area as well, our years of experience are a valuable asset.



We provide a strategic and creative brand guidance.

We advise companies on the introduction and development of new brands and products, as well as the repositioning of current ones. We provide strategic and creative brand guidelines that will enable your company to achieve a competitive advantage.

Today, the decision-making processes of customers are completely different and more dynamic than those of just ten years ago. The Internet, e-commerce, social media, TV, and smartphones create a constant marketing experience for informed consumers who use all the latest technological advances.

Convincing these savvy consumers is a very complex undertaking, and we have years of extensive experience in this area.



Sustainability gives you a competitive advantage: Being greener helps attract customers.

No company can afford to ignore sustainability as an overall corporate philosophy or for individual products. Green companies are more appealing to customers as well as to their own associates.

How can you create a sustainable business model and establish a green company in a competitive market? How can you gain the acceptance of key stakeholders and differentiate without backlash, even when the core business is not totally sustainable?

The answer is a new, lower-impact approach. We are not talking about “greenwashing,” but about creating added value: socially, environmentally, and economically.

It is about thinking green, practicing green behaviors, and holding green attitudes. And it is about the languages, channels, and approaches to which people are receptive. This requires precise, innovative, and targeted strategies.

We are specialists in all aspects of sustainability. This is our strength. We accompany our clients on their path to a sustainable corporation or green products. We give you measuring tools to bring a new, precise awareness in your company. We analyze its status quo and help you optimize it. With simple behavioral changes, you can reduce facility costs by up to 10%. We provide you with a master plan for your company, because thinking green is our philosophy.