In a digital and technological world, people long for inspiration. We at OOOM use our expertise, creativity, and enthusiasm to inspire people and companies to reach their goals in a different—better and more sustainable—way.


Businesses will dramatically change within the next 10 years. Entire industries will be disrupted due to digitalization. About 47% of all jobs are at risk, according to “The Future of Employment” study created by the University of Oxford. Each company has to reposition its goals, strategies, and future plans entirely.

However, many companies are not paying enough attention to the increasing digitalization of our world. They are missing out on the chance to adapt their business models while they still can. We at OOOM understand tomorrow’s challenges and offer our clients a portfolio of effective, sustainable solutions for their businesses.

These solutions cover much more than just technological aspects. Companies and brands must have the ability to fascinate and inspire people, and our mission is to support people and companies as they endeavor to inspire others. We support companies on their path to transform into relevant, dynamic, valuable, and sustainable corporations in a real-time, digital, reward-driven world.

We at OOOM are convinced that data will be every company’s most valuable asset in the future. Manufacturing processes in all industries will be digitized wherever possible, and we will face a digital revolution of extraordinary dimensions. Entire industries and professions will disappear as a result of computerization. Data will be at the center of this technological revolution. We develop, design and market intelligent and inspiring platforms that offer companies a completely new approach to data.

At OOOM, we rethink not only technology but also business models and revenue streams. We can guide you through the most important change process in the history of your company and deliver not only tailor-made technological solutions but entire business strategies and models. We help corporations and governments to better analyze, understand and use their data, and we also provide technological solutions for their individual needs.

We disrupt the traditional behavior patterns of our clients in order to develop new business models that create value and lead them into a sustainable future. Our clients face diverse challenges and have different goals. We listen carefully in order to ensure that we understand each client’s strategy and specific requirements. For each client, we form a multidisciplinary team that is perfectly tailored to define and adapt to that company’s needs in order to help attain its goals.


Spirituality faces a global boom. Billions of people want to be inspired; they deal intensively with their minds, souls, potentials, and themselves. OOOM is the first global platform to inspire and connect people with the same thinking, feelings, interests, wishes, and needs.

Our mission is to make OOOM a global brand and leading company with a pioneering digital platform, apps, products, media, and magazines. We show people how to lead a better, more sustainable, and much more inspired life.

Welcome to the world of OOOM. Now at newsstand in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and online.